Eve, Esther, and me after a beautiful natural birth.

“Michal is educated, dedicated, helpful, calming, reassuring, caring, truly gives you all the time in the world and much more. Any questions we had she would have answers for them immediately and if we had any complications arise she would do everything in her power to gather information and help guide us. Everything from her posture to her tone of voice was incredible. She was always consistent and with every class we felt that we were getting more and more prepared and for the big day”   –  Eve and Ariel B.

Michaela and Mathew

“We are extremely grateful to you, your husband, our classmates, and the folks at the Bradley Method for all of the lessons, insights, support, and guidance over the last few months. While the birth team at Special Beginnings exceeded our expectations in every way (and we had pretty high expectations), we are certain that the birth of our daughter would not have been as joyous, exciting, or manageable as it was without the approach and techniques that we learned from all of you.” Michaela and Mathew M.

Rebecca P. and her beautiful family!

“Michal answered all of questions about pregnancy, birth, and mothering with great knowledge and understanding. She was the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby” -Rebecca P.

“I honestly cannot imagine going through the labor without the knowledge and support she gave to me and that’s the truth!”  “Michal was not only a great teacher but an incredible mentor and support for me at the time I needed it the most. Having her there not only during classes, but being able to call her anytime with questions, and her help during the labor meant the world to me”  Hava S.

Jenn and Don. B- Last class before the birth!

“Just meeting Michal she made us feel very comfortable from the moment she opened up the door and let us in.  With all of the knowledge and support that we have received from Michal and her family I feel confident that we will have a great birth experience. She has helped us open our line of communication. We know what to expect, the different options we have, and different ways to make this the best birthing experience we can without the interference of the medical field . We would like to thank Michal and her family for helping us along our path to becoming parents.”   Jenn and Don B.

Anne Marie and Jack N. enjoying their Bradley class.

“I signed up for the Bradley Method classes with Michal because I felt strongly about having a natural childbirth and wanted to learn everything that I could so that I would be prepared when it came time to have my baby. Every week I learned something new, and having a group of couples that all felt the same way about natural childbirth really helped as a support network for my decision. The lessons build on each other so that you are learning in depth the stages of labor, birth, recovery, and breast feeding. If it were not for the class and the going over the key info over and over (relaxation, not tensing muscles, breathe to comfort when pushing) I don’t know if I would have been able to have a natural childbirth. Husband support is taught as a key factor in Bradley Birth, and it was important for my husband to be in that group and work with other couples towards the same goal. The classes also teach remaining calm and how to handle births that do not go according to plan. I was supposed to have my baby in a waterbirth in a birthing center. It turns out that she was born during a hurricane and the birthing center had no power and was closed, so I had my baby at the hospital. Learning how to handle births that don’t go the way that you plan is helpful too. I highly recommend the Bradley Birthing class with Michal Kovacs.” -Anne Marie and Jack N.

Ann and David with baby Nathaniel

“We absolutely loved the Bradley classes taught by Michal.  At first, we thought that the Bradley classes would just be learning about labor and delivery but they were so much more.   We learned about nutrition and exercise as well as having a healthy overall pregnancy.   The labor and delivery information was also so beneficial.  Every night we would practice our relaxation techniques and when I went into labor I immediately assumed the relaxation position.   I stayed relaxed the entire time during my labor and I was even praised by the nurses because I was so calm.   Not only did I instinctively know what to do during labor (because of all the practice) but I felt so knowledgeable about the entire process.  Michal helped us create our birth plan and was so supportive.  Because the classes were so informative and beneficial to a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth I would definitely attend Bradley classes again with our next pregnancy.” -Ann and Dave L.

Amanda and Nitin J.

“Your classes directly contributed to the birth I wanted.  I was prepared and felt I was ready to face any situation calmly.  I felt very well educated about all aspects of delivery.  I also thought positive and stayed relaxed.  I attribute this to your class. For someone on the fence, I would say even if you aren’t convinced you want a totally natural birth, these classes are worth it.   I went into my labor feeling positive, and I was lucky to have a positive experience.”   – Amanda and Nitin J.

Miriam and Tzvi S.

“I want to first and foremost thank you for sharing with us the Bradley method in order to enable us to have the best possible birth experience. I feel that thanks to the Bradley class, we had the preparation we needed to have the best birth possible. ” – Miriam and Tzvi S.

Mary and Claude B.

“Thanks for all the support and knowledge. We enjoyed this class and our colleagues and look forward to our reunion.”
Claude and Mary (and Christian!) B

Happy new parents

“I would like to say a big thank you for the great 12 weeks of classes, for all the experience and education you gave to us and  would like to let you know that we did it!! Everything went great. Whatever we learned from the class definitely worked perfect for us. Kestas did a great job being a coach especially at the stage of transition and pushing it came to the point were I just remember his voice directing me what to do.  It was like a miracle,he was proud of me, and I was proud and happy that he was there for me and our baby. He was always with me!! Thank you thank you and thank you again for everything!”  -Natalliya and Kestas S.
“Thank you again for all your help and especially for letting us join your class despite how last minute my call was! This whole experience has been wonderful–it’s strengthened Rushit and I’s marriage and you should hear how my mom goes on about natural labor  after seeing how well Adrianna is doing! She can’t get over how alert and strong she is!”   Janice and Rashit H.
“I just want to say thank you so much for all of the classes, support and guidance you gave us over the past 12 weeks. I am so glad that I took Bradley classes and think that I may have given up if I hadn’t been so aware and knowledgeable about the process.”- Ann and David L.

Crystal and John G

“Thanks again for all of the Bradley Method classes; they were extremely helpful for John and I – and the baby! The Bradley classes were immensely helpful in our endeavor to have a happy, healthy and natural childbirth. We encourage anyone looking at natural childbirth to look into this approach.” Crystal and John G.

Crystal and Eliot P.

“Thank you for helping us have the best birthing experience! You really helped us learn how to have a great natural birth!” – Crystal and Eliot P.