About Me

Meet Michal Kovacs, AAHCC—-Natural Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula

While pregnant with my first child in 2008, my husband and I were taking a walk. I told him I would like to have a natural birth and exclusively nurse our baby.  When he asked why, I didn’t have the answers, but I knew if I really wanted to follow through with my passion, I needed some facts. I first started communicating with friends I knew who had beautiful, unmedicated, natural births and healthy babies. This led me to the Bradley method.

I found a local Bradley® instructor and immediately enrolled in her class.  My husband and I loved learning in our Bradley classes and looked forward to them all week.  I learned about what my body was going through during pregnancy and what labor would feel like. Appropriate exercises and nutrition advice to keep me strong and healthy during  pregnancy were taught, as well as methods to help me through labor, and positive ways of handling pain. The best part was being informed, empowered, and prepared for my new family with confidence!

My husband learned how to be an excellent coach and he supported me physically and emotionally throughout the pregnancy and labor which inevitably strengthened our bond with each other. I read numerous books and felt prepared for my son the day he was born.  It was a beautiful hospital birth and my son came into the world calm and wide eyed.  I was able to nurse right away and we quickly created a beautiful relationship.

While pregnant with my second child, I read more and brushed up on my Bradley techniques. I decided this time I wanted a home birth.  I was honored to have my Bradley® instructor available as my doula, plus my supportive husband, and a midwife. I relaxed through the contractions, taking them one at a time.   I succeeded in having a beautiful water birth in the comfort of my home, surrounded by peace and serenity.  Following this positive experience, I knew I wanted to help other women have a great birth experience. We welcomed our third baby at home in December 2011 and our fourth January 2015.